October 8th, 2003

Sweet Coron

Theaters in California showing all LotR movies on Dec. 16.


silensy, inkwraith, oshunanat, elite_stoat, torrye, and anyone else I'm forgetting right now, TICKETS GO ON SALE AT 12PM TOMORROW!!!

So. At 12pm tomorrow I run out of my Cognitive class, get to a computer lab, and buy tickets. Problem: I have never bought tickets online before. I will solve.

Theaters in California doing it:
CA, Bakersfield Pacific Stadium 14
CA, Dublin Regal Cinemas Hacienda Crossings 20
CA, Fresno Regal Cinemas Stadium 21 Theatre
CA, Hollywood Arclight 15 Cinema
CA, Orange AMC @ The Block 30
CA, Sacramento Century Theatres Complex 14 Cinema
CA, San Diego AMC Mission Valley 20 Theatre
CA, San Francisco Sony Metreon 15 Cinemas
CA, San Jose Century Theatres Oakridge 20

Question: Theater only holds so many people. Will I be able to get tickets? How many can I get? How expensive will they be? (Doesn't matter, get them anyway.)

My friends, I am going to try, but I may be unsuccessful. Which is why you must all try, too. I'm counting on you.

I want to be at the Hollywood Arclight 15 Cinema on December 16th. If I am not, I will cry.
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