October 14th, 2003

alone on a swing



26 proverbs changed by one letter, but still true:

1 A rolling scone gathers no moss
2 Bed news travels fast
3 Actions speak louder than worms
4 Love is bling
5 Flood is thicker than water
6 A biro in the hand is worth two in the bush
7 Better Sade than sorry
8 Don't wash your dirty liner in public
9 The devil finds work for idle bands
10 Great minks think alike
11 A stitch in time saves Nina
12 If at first you don't succeed, cry again
13 A cat has nine lices
14 Death is the great reveller
15 Don't put all your eggs in one basset
16 A miss is as good as a male
17 History repents itself
18 Everything comes to he who wails
19 Honesty is the best police
20 It's no use crying over spilt milt
21 There's no place like Hove
22 Never cook a gift horse in the mouth
23 Too many Coors spoil the broth
24 A watched pet never boils
25 Where there's a will, there's a war
26 Look before you leak

Source: by RcL

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I came from brillancy And return to brillancy. What is this? Kaa!

So, apparently, while I was at home being VERY VERY SICK on Sunday, silensy and torrye went to see Kill Bill and went to my place of employment to talk to my favorite co-worker, Elizabeth. Elizabeth rocks. As she was straightening after close that night, she called me. We discussed how nutty my friends are. ^_^ Also, the next day, silensy left a hilarious message on my voicemail talking about their conversation with Elizabeth. Dude. You people. Having all the fun without me! *giggles*

I met elite_stoat for dinner today. Lovely chica. I just wanna huggle and snuggle her to death, yes I do! Also, I gave her money so she can buy me porn.

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Today, since my I/O class has this 15 minute break in the middle of it, I started writing another story... about Glorfindel. *facepalms* No, it is not part of the Historie. So, like, for some reason, I just really seem to like Glorfy. inkwraith saw in my notebook the many random times I wrote "Glorfindel" in the margins of my notes and she drew little hearts around the name for me. Um. Heh? I'm not obsessed. Erm. No.

I sent of things to people. Did people get them? Tell me if you got them!