October 23rd, 2003

It's been a long day.

this is a whining entry. you have been warned.

I should be happy. After massaging the data enough, I finally found something of interest for my thesis idea (you know, the 9/11 thing that I've talked about before? I got some interesting results on the affective bias scale for the Fall 2001 semester). It's actually really interesting data. I'll be excited later, probably, it's just that right now I'm apathetic and starting to feel burned out.

I've been offered a job that pays more than my current job (A LOT more), but it would only be 20 hours a week and it would be more *shudders* TEACHING. Ugh. (Is it really insane of me to consider trying to retain two jobs again PLUS going to school at the same time? I already work 34 hours a week and I'm taking 19 units... I don't think there are that many hours for me to work with here...)

Also, I promised to have the papers all ready to be passed back to the students tomorrow, but eh, whatever. Look, I made them a study sheet and I've been helping them design their projects and I've even done tutoring -- what more do they need!?!

I just want to sit at home and download scanlations and read fanfic and play with my dollfie...
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alone on a swing

GoR, Ace of Base, Nesanica

I just made a rather Middle-earth-shattering post to Gap of Rohan and now I'm all nervous. I asked all of the major participants in this little sub-drama if it was okay. (It is okay, right madame_muppet? I mean, you said I could "solve" the murder, right?) (And inkwraith, I didn't think you'd mind that I'm implicating Grima... silensy has agreed. We can deploy H.A.D. now...) *bites nails nervously*

In other news, my school library did it's utmost to frustrate me today, but I managed to wring two usable articles out of it, so ha! Of course, it took me two hours to do so...

I also bought five pairs of shoes today. What!? *defensive* They were reasonable! Payless is having a sale! And my work shoes fell apart on my last shift. I had to hold them on with rubberbands and all of my co-workers were laughing at me. So, I needed new shoes. And now I have a bunch of shoes in different colors (yes, it's very shocking, I actually have shoes now that AREN'T black) that are comfortable.

I have been listening to Ace of Base. During the summer between sixth and seventh grade, I played Ace of Base obsessively. See, in seventh grade I was going to be in a new school and I was going to be in Dance. So, I would dance around our living room (after putting away my bed, of course) and make up "dance routines" to Ace of Base. Sadly, I never got to perform them. Anyway, yeah...

Wheel of Fortune - Ace of Base

I have the bestest mommy in the whole wide world. My mum rocks Mordor, man! Collapse )

Hmm, I should go to sleep now.
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