October 25th, 2003


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When I left for work this morning, I noted a few smudges of brown on the horizon. Fires. Fire season, I thought to myself. Nothing big.

Around 3, I noticed that it seemed to be... dark. Outside. In the afternoon? I looked outside of the windows. The sky was covered in a cloud of smoke.

As I left from work, about 9/10ths of the sky was brown. Bits of ash were raining down. I drove towards LA, towards Al's house and the sky cleared, even though the darkness remained behind me.

When I left Al's house tonight, I wasn't thinking about it much. And then I came over the hill and saw. I saw the valley ringed in flames. Fires, or rather, one huge fire line burning down from the hills. As I drove towards home, I could barely take my eyes off of it. The sky -- orange with the glow of the fire. And then. I saw. At my exit. They closed down the freeway. Because there was fire. Right there.

It took me about 15 minutes to get off. They closed the freeway. They closed the freeway. And people stopped and got out of their cars and watched as the fire advanced.

Right now, they are lining the street. Regular people and news crews. Because there is fire, and it is burning towards us. It's midnight, and the streets are full of people. Frantic people, awed people.

I can't seem to wet the back of my throat. My eyes are full of grit. Outside, it's snowing ash.

The fire line is about two miles from my home.
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