October 27th, 2003

Sweet Coron

So, things have been happening.

It's really gross outside. It sucks to breathe. On the plus side, the wind changed direction and the fire is now burning away from where I live. (Burning toward's inkwraith's end of the world, sorry Al...)

Therefore, an update on the things that have been happening! On Friday, I went to the club. And yes, the rumors are true, I had elite_stoat and three random Japanese guys in my car, plus Dave in my trunk. Heh. Um. After the club, I went out for drinks with torrye and silensy. Fun!

After work on Saturday, I visited inkwraith and we went to the Sanrio store! Yay! Hello Kitty rocks. But. They have discontinued my favorite character, Sweet Coron! Sweet Coron is the cutest character EVER!!! WHY HAVE THEY KILLED THE BOUNCY BABY BEE!!?!??! Those bastards. I managed to buy out the few bits of remaining Sweet Coron merchandise they had, including five Sweet Coron air-fresheners. Yes, I am a loon. *weeps for Sweet Coron*

After work yesterday, I went to my sister's house for dinner and to escape from the smoke. Dropped by on friends, braved the smokey freeways and got home safely.

Today is my errand-running and bill-paying day. (And just WHY can I not pay all my bills online!? This is the 21st century, people!)

And, I am going to call Doll & Hobby Shop today and see if they have what I want. I want another Dollfie Plus (and their SD Nono pure-skin, but she's like, $600, so no). Dollfie, yay! It's expensive, calling Flordia, but... DOLLFIE!

ETA: I just ordered!!! I'm getting a Dollfie Plus (white skin) with the Waffled Natural wig and 016 Grey Green eyes!! Woo hoo!!! (Al, I decided that the 015 Light Green eyes would look too weird with black hair. Also, the price, including tax and shipping, came out to less than $50 dollars. Just so you know.)
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