November 6th, 2003

alone on a swing

Warren Ellis, Neil Gaiman and Sequential Tart

13. What do you have in your pockets?

I'll empty them out. Hold on.

Okay. A brown Watermans ink cartridge. A bottle of brown Sheaffer ink. Two KLM complimentary chapsticks. Nail clippers (oh good. I'd been wondering where that had gone). A half-finished pack of blackcurrant throat pastilles. Three antiseptic handwipes. A Swiss Army Watch with a broken strap. Seven black sharpies, and three silver sharpies, divided more or less randomly among the six pockets. iPod headphones. Ultra violet invisible ink pen with attached ultra violet light for reading invisible writing with. Small piece of carved red cinnabar on a black leather cord. Two interesting pebbles. A black leather wallet. Plane tickets. Passport. Lamy fountain pen. Photo of me someone took at the press conference today and handed me a copy of which I put in my pocket and forgot. Fold-down hairbrush. Moleskin notebook. Glasses case. Small Blue Phone. And, inexplicably, one of my daughter Maddy's elasticated hair ties.

-What Neil Gaiman had in his pockets when Sequential Tart interviewed him.

That is so cool.

Also, Warren Ellis is still god.

Oh, and just in case anyone is wondering, no, I'm not writing a nanowrimo story. Nope, not me!
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It's been a long day.

But WHY is the rum gone?

Almost any of these would be perfect for use in a Pirates of the Caribbean story.


Some 18th century slang definitions, using the term rum:

rum beck - a justice of the peace
rum bite - a clever cheat
rum bleating cheat - a fat wether sheep
rum blowen - a handsome wench
rum bluffer - a jolly host
rum bob - a young apprentice
rum boozing welts - bunches of grapes
rum bubber - a dexterous fellow at stealing silver tankards from taverns
rum bugher - a valuable dog
rum bung - a full purse
rum chub - among butchers, a custom easily imposed on, as to the quality and price of meat
rum chant - a song
rum clout / wiper - a fine silk or cambric handkerchief
rum cod - a purse of gold
rum cole / ghelt - new money or medals
rum cove - a clever rogue
rum degen / tilter / tol - a fine sword
rum dell / doxy - a fine wench
rum diver / dubber / file - an expert pickpocket
rum drawers - silk stockings
rum duke - an odd eccentric fellow
rum gaggers - cheats who tell wonderful stories of their sufferings at sea, or when taken by the Algerines
rum glymmer - king of the link-boys
rum kicks - breeches of gold or silver brocade
rum mawnd - one that counterfeits a fool
rum mort - a queen or great lady
rum nab - a good hat
rum nantz - good French brandy
rum ned - a very rich silly fellow
rum pad - the highway
rum padders - highwaymen well mounted and armed
rum peepers - fine looking-glasses
rum prancer - a fine horse
rum quids - a great booty
rum ruff peck - Westphalia ham
rum snith - a smart fillip on the nose
rum squeeze - much wine, or good liquor, given among fiddlers
rum topping - a rich commode or women’s head-dress
rum ville - London

Source: As you can see, in ‘cant’ (common or criminal slang) rum meant fine, remarkable or great. Mostly from Grose’s Dictionary (1785 / 1811).

posted by Roddy Lumsden

As a little girl, I used to drink "rum punch." It was juice, usually grape and/or cranberry, mixed with a clear lemon-lime soda like Slice or Sprite. Sometimes, I drank it with crushed chewable vitamin C tablets mixed in it, too, to give it that extra zing. It was very good.

I miss rum punch. I miss childhood. But hey, I'm making up for it! I spent at least an hour today playing with dolls. ^_^
alone on a swing

I promise that this is my last spam of the night. <--neat site. Tarot!


OMG, this is so perfect!
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Yay, Kenji Siratori has a blog!!! I confess that I find his work utterly fascinating. I believe I have posted things about him in this LJ before, but I just don't want to bother to track down those past entries. Oh wait, here is one. Cool, eh?

And this is so cool that it defies description. Imagine it: I could go down to the tholos, grab a spot, and wait for Starry-wan to get to her local tholos, and then we could chat, real-time, across continents but still face-to-face... for free... SO COOL.