November 17th, 2003

magical blank spaces

I have never been to Chicago...

...but OMG, the Season 3 DVD of due South comes out in January (maybe)!!! Yay!!! Kowalski!!! Woo hoo!!! *licks Callum Keith Rennie*

Yes well. My life:

Friday - Go to work, go to Anime Club, stay up late talking to silensy, collapse into sleep.

Saturday - Go to work, go visit kernezelda and oneeyethedrd in Burbank as they went to Farscape Con, go with inkwraith to see poetry reading/slam in Venice that included lots of cool people (oh, and Viggo Mortensen), then go home and collapsed into sleep.

Sunday - Go to work, go home, collapse into sleep.

Anyway, yay! I got to see Viggo Mortensen!!! His poetry was cool, although it would have been orderes of magnitude better if someone else had read it. I really enjoyed the poetry everyone did. Especially that last guy and the second guy with the poem about static and inkwraith? Names please? Anyway, I'm afraid that by the time it was over I was so tired that I made inkwraith drive us home (which, as my friends will tell you, is very rare, since I am a control freak with the firm belief that I drive better than ANYONE). But! I slept, like, fourteen hours last night, so I'm all better now! Sleep is GOOOOOOD. (How did I work two full-time jobs? I cannot even imagine it now. And my memories of that time are blurry. I can only surmise that I was not in my right mind, and that the lack of sleep only made it worse.)

So, anyway, at work they're making us "promote" a book (read "push") for the Christmas Holiday Season. That is, everyone has to recommend a book. Oh, and not just ANY book -- it has to be from their pre-approved list! Yes. Isn't that just... icky. I dunno. Weird. Whatever. So yesterday I was looking at the list. It had a few things on it that I might like, but nothing I'd actually read. So. Um? I guess I shall have to read a book... *gasps*

Hmm, what else can I talk about?

Oh! Seeing as how I will have oodles and oodles of free time once the semester is over, I was thinking about starting my first LJ Community! Let me explain. In the last few years, I have taken to collecting Art Cards. These are decks of collectible cards with painting from various artists on them. Now, my idea for the community: Once a week, I would post a new picture to the community, and then people would write a story (short or long or whatever) about that picture if it inspired them. Most of my art cards are fantasy-ish, so it would be more for that crowd. And I'd be willing to let other people post pictures, too. The stories could be original or fanfic. So? Please comment, I would like input. What do you all think of this little idea?

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alone on a swing


I want this. OMG, isn't she gorgeous? Plus, she's a pirate!!! WANT WANT WANT WANT!!! (Why do I torture myself?)

And this is interesting. I haven't heard anything about this new body. And new head? Hmm. Now this, I can afford...


I should be washing clothes so I have something to wear to work this afternoon. Um. And, like, doing the proposal for WPA. I have to have it in the mail by tomorrow if I want to present at WPA next year. Yeah.

Ohhhh, look, more dollfie pics! Shiny!