November 22nd, 2003

alone on a swing

My cell just vibrated, but I'm not answering.

silensy. The fandom it should be? Misty Lackey, all the way, baby! Do this for me, and your PotC fic shall be great and glorious. Heh.

Tree-lighting ceremony today at work. Sucked, 'cause they made employees park very far away. Sucked. People suck. Also? Have to get up very very early Sunday for All Hands meeting. As in, meeting is at 6:30am. PLUS, I will be working while Ray Bradbury is signing. *sighs*

Anime Club tonight. Fun fun fun! Then, I turned traitor and went to Borders. OMG, I hope they can't smell it on me at work tomorrow.

Random pimpage: musegallery! It's artsy! It's fun!

I counted up all of the various journals I have made. I have 20 journals. Is that not totally obscene!?! TWENTY!!! True, 14 of them are RPG journals and most of them are defunct, but still! Dude.

Have finished watching Band of Brothers. VERY good miniseries. Everyone should see this. Yes. Lipton! WINTERS! NIXON!! SPIERS!!!

I have been thinking that I want a Russian dwarf hamster. They're adorable! And the lab has extras. I would just have to invest in a cage and some bedding and food and stuff, and then I could have my own cute furry thing! Interestingly, I am allergic to cute furry things. Well, not the cute part. If I were allergic to cute things, I would die every time I looked upon Sanrio products. No, I am allergic to furry things. I am allergic to my own hair. People think that I snort crack because my nose is so runny because I am allergic to everything. But. CUTE FURRY CREATURE!!!

I want a snake. A rosy boa. Yes.

Come December 5, I will get a 40% discount off of all books at my store. Yes. OMG. YES! I have lists. I have ISBNs. I am ordering stuff. OMG.

Salva Me - Libera (3.17 MB) Pretty!
alone on a swing


Busy day at work. Fun Thanksgiving-type stuff with Savvie. Good. I won a DVD. yay! inkwraith rocks. I want to be PC.

Someone pissed me off.

I made Band of Brothers icons! Go look.
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alone on a swing

spam spam spam i am

I have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow... about 6 hours from now... and yet. not asleep.

*sighs* Actually, two people have pissed me off.

Ray Bradbury tomorrow! Rock!

"I'm not nobody, no nobody, I'm really not anybody, you know!"
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