November 27th, 2003


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I am obviously delusional. These can't be what I think they are. Are they Dollfie Plus-type heads? EB, what does that mean? Please, someone, anyone, I need info. dechanique, you are the dollfie guru on my Friends list, what say you? inkwraith, have you see these? Know you what they are?
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Okay, does anyone here read Korean? Or know of anyone who reads Korean? Because I am seriously dying here. I need someone to read this website for me. Dude!

WISH! Wish I had bid on her!

I covet!

Um, yeah, I should probably talk about something other than pretty dolls. Erm.

Thanksgiving was nice. Yes.

I finished Exile's Honor and it made me want to reread other Mercedes Lackey books! And read Valdemar fanfiction. Good Valdemar fanfiction. Actually, there is a good author of just this type at Shocking, no? Here. Yes, they're all OC fic, and yes, they might slip just a teensy bit into the realm of the dread Mary Sue, but I like them. Fun reads. And hey, ALL Valdemar stories are Mary Sue-ish, even the canon ones. Heh.

Speaking of good fanfic, I like this one -- "Collectors" by Sleeps With Coyotes, a Highlander/Eroica crossover.

Also, this one, a Highlander/Star Wars crossover called "Snow and Cinder" by HiperBunny and MrsHamill, a story so cool that I reread it at least every other month. It rocks!

Hmm, this post seems to have degenerated into a rec-fest! Do you mind?

Oh! And hey! I should pimp a couple of things, too!

Fresh from The Battlefields Press is a new LotR slash Fanzine called Helm's Deep!!! C'mon, you KNOW you want to check out my "Excerpt from the Historie of Glorfindel of Gondolin and Rivendell" story, which I have been talking about in this journal for several months now! Available here! Go buy!

Also, musegallery is up and running folks! C'mon, join up now!!! We're a friendly bunch of people who like to write. Do pictures inspire you? Come join The Muse Gallery! Think of it as growing your imagination and your writing skills. Yes.

Hmmm. What else can I update about? Ah, work. Tomorrow is the first Priority Day of the holiday shopping season. Basically that means we will be very very busy. I hope it goes well. No Anime Club tomorrow. I think that everyone should come over to my house and watch anime here! Wouldn't that be cool! silensy, inkwraith, what do you think? Anime party!

I am very studiously not doing my many papers that are due at the end of the semester. Oh, and did you hear?! I totally flubbed the data for my 9/ll paper! Yes, yes I did. Ruination. Desolation. Horror. I neglected to reverse score some of the survey questions (which is not entirely my fault, as I was given the dataset with the understanding that it was all cleaned up and checked already) and the significant effects I found in the semester immediately after the terrorist attacks is all bull hocky! And yes, I DID already submit my numbers on a proposal for a conference paper! *beams* It's all very bad, very very very bad indeed. *shrugs* Oh well.

I think that I shall take a semester off of school before I start my graduate program. In fact, my advisor would rather I start in Fall than in Spring. So. Yes. Hey, even though I finished all my requirements last semester, I'm finally graduating! In a few weeks! Isn't that just dandy?

Here, have a cool .mp3: Flyswatter - Eels (3.06MB, 3:20min)
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