March 4th, 2004

alone on a swing

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Yesterday, I slept, so there was no Friends page reading. I fear it, yes I do. Also, e-mail. E-mail bad. *hides from e-mail*

I just realized that I have many many many dolls starring at me. It's, um, well it's kinda scary. Wow, dolls everywhere. (every time you say a doll is evil, another one comes to life)

My back hurts. I lifted heavy boxes wrong. Ouchie.

I bid on Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game cards on E-bay because I am silly. Yes, yes I am. Silly silly silly!

And speaking of silly: *huggles free What's Michael? manga she got at Anime Club last Friday*

Azone dolls are the same size as Volks Dollfie, right? Right? Someone, please tell me.

YOU MUST READ THIS. It is so, so... I don't know, it sneaks up on you, how sad and scary this is and the picutres and suddenly you're in this whole other world where disaster is more immediate and stuff. It's very affecting. Go read it, really YES THIS MEANS ALL OF YOU, GO, GO NOW!!!

I <3 mistersleepless. *giggles*

Also, it's kinda interesting to see how much reading different kinds of people do. I wonder, if we were surveyed, how much (and what type) of reading booksellers put in.

So, who wants to go to Italy with me!?!

PS: If you don't comment on this post, you will be attacked by rabid hamsters in your sleep and they will bite your toes and it will HURT! So there! :-P
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alone on a swing

auctions, LotR fan-craziness, past lives on LJ

Some of you seem to think that my hobby is, well, a bit scary. Ha!, I say to you, and Ha! again. Dollfie is SANE compared to some people and their doll obsession. Check this Legolas repaint I found on Ebay out. Yeah. I could buy Soo for less than that. I could buy Nono for about that! I could buy the pretty Luts Shiwoo Elf for less. And Elf!Shiwoo is frankly prettier than Legolas.

*ahem* Have bid on more Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game cards. *looks shifty* Boromir is cool. Want Glorfindel Saelbeth card.

I brought home a strip of the magazine Computer Games that talks about Middle-earth Online. Umm, hmmm.

Also, silensy, your people are mean. I haven't heard back from them yet. Woe.

Meme time!
One Year Ago Today, I was talking about my scary inbox (heh), mice, "Lord of the Rhymes", and the cyber-picture-poem thingee. inkwraith. The cyber-picture-poem!!! Imapoem!!! ARE WE EVER GOING TO FINISH THAT!?!?!

Two Years Ago Today, I posted twice. The first post was about jury duty, breaking up with my (bleh) boyfriend, class, fun times with inkwraith, playing Bomberman with Mark, and a rant on capitalism and American evilness and moving to Canada. The second post was about my names. It's still pretty true. I do still have identity issues with my names.

Three Years Ago Today, I wasn't around on LJ, so there, nyah!
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