March 12th, 2004

light and mist

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This is cool:

You all have to go there (and tell me how to solve the steam room problem nevermind, I figured it out). Seriously, this is like, Fly-guy cool.

ETA: My birthday is coming up. I want these. Yes, yes I do. Especially Firestorm (the Nuclear Man!)/Red Tornado and The Shade/Starman. Also, Wonder Woman, because I <3 Wonder Woman. Because.
alone on a swing

My own personal psychosis:

So, I picked up a magazine that we apparently get that I didn't know that we got. Just curiosity, really. I am in know way drawn to magazines. No, I do not feel the need to constantly straighten them. NO. So I picked up this magazine and was reading the cover when one of those... EVIL... paper-postcard subscription... THINGS fell out. I screamed, dropped the magazine, and jumped away. *facepalms*

See, if I were insane, I would think that that magazine was attacking me because it KNOWS what I do to its kind. But I am not insane, all evidence to the contrary. Therefore, my reaction is inexplicable. *shrugs*

Oh well. While magazines may hate me, the mail doesn't. I got a cool spiffy nifty package from my favorite Starkiller today! Yay!!! Thank you, Starry-wan!!! I love the little unicorn/pegasus (so cute!) and the soap smells nice and yay! fannish writing implements and cool Sex Pistols and a new mix CD and chocolate! You rock so hardcore! I feel really guilty for not sending the stuff I've been collecting for you. Soon. Yes, soon!

I want to hang my Hook-Ups dolls on the wall. Hehehehe.

I shall go comics shopping now, yay!