March 14th, 2004

alone on a swing

I want のの!!!

For inkwraith:

They're dollfies! No, wait...

Austin fans of dollfie. Yeah.

Dollfies I want in order of how much I want them:
1. Soo Special (Luts)
2. Elf Shiwoo (Luts)
3. SD Nono (Volks)
4. Yen (Dream of Doll)

The above are the ones I acutally have a chance of getting. There are others I really adore, but they are limited or too hard to get or insanely expensive (actually, most of them are all three). Yes.

I may have to get Elf Shiwoo first, because he is limited.

But I could get a Dollfie Dream for only $300. However, I think Yen is only about that much, and he is much cooler than a Dollfie Dream, if smaller. *wibbles* WANT!!!
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