March 21st, 2004

alone on a swing

Poklič budući da moj razumijevanje.

I held in my hands today many books of incredible mouldering wonder. Lovely, lovely books. I love my job and all... but I think that I sincerely love used book shops better than any large chain store. I went to Ojai and Bart's Books today with my dad. Happy Valley was lovely, with the Spring wildflowers just blooming. Grimes Canyon was a watercolor of pink stone, yellow stone, and green green mountain meadows. Not too hot, not at all cold, pretty good day.

Yesterday, I killed Stellvia with silensy, inkwraith, elite_stoat, oshunanat, and the rest of Anime Club. Oh the angst, oh the drama, oh the cuteness of that anime. I <3 it.

Friday was regular Anime Club, after which silensy and I visited torrye at work and got goodies at my work, and then came back to my place where I forced her to watch the original Highlander movie. Because everyone should see it at least once. She took notes. Extensive notes. Heh.

I want to keep reading fanfic, but I have to go to work tomorrow, so I should really go to sleep now. Le sigh. I had a wonderful weekend, yet right now I somehow still feel vaguely discontent. I dunno, it is weird. I'm restless and moody and weird. No, I don't have woe, but... Hm. Whatever.