April 11th, 2004

alone on a swing

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Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

inky hijacks cloudie's journal. because cloudie is in No Effort mode and inky is her clicky monkey. she has trained inky from monkey childhood to be her clicky and earn her neopoints from games. alas, she has not trained inky to heel and come when called or to categorize comic books in any quantity, unless the sun is at its zenith. inky is woeful but it cannot be helped. cloudie has sat up during this annotation and is giggling and melting back downward in a fit of apathy induced assuredly by a god of dreams (or at least insomnia).
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alone on a swing

I do not feel like reading my Friends list, I feel like sleeping. However, I shall update.

Warren Ellis is god. So much love for mistersleepless.

After bribing them with Togo's, I forced silensy and inkwraith help me orgainze and catalogue my comics collection (they are my slaves, mwahahahahahaha!). I have A LOT of comics. Like, OMG. We bought long boxes (and trading cards, comics, and Warhammer LotR figures, because, hee~! shiny!) and we alphabetized and started entering them into a database (on my OLD laptop, which is so old that it runs Windows 3.1 and takes seven minutes to start up, OLD). I mean, seriously folks, WOW, I have a SHITLOAD of comics.

Booking rooms at the Hilton for Comic Con was unsuccessful. Am trying again tomorrow. Also, must respond to jury duty notice. Oh, and taxes stuff.

Work today was nice. Sure, the Up escalator was not working and I had to be at the Customer Service desk all day because someone called out sick, but otherwise, it was nice. It was nice because there were very very few customers. I caught up on my back issues of the corporate newsletter! Heh. But then I got off of work and went to my sisty's for Easter (and isn't it funny that we had Easter there since my sisty and family are Jewish?) and everyone was getting ready to leave and the egg hunts were over and family tempers were already frayed from too much contact, so I missed family Easter-ness. No matter, I got to go play with inkwraith and we had some ideas, but then we had an Idea, with a capital "I." Which is cool. And involves dollfie. Yay!

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I am such a geek.