April 22nd, 2004

alone on a swing

Must type fast. Have to go to work soon. Eek!

Someone talk me out of changing all 50 of my icons to sheep icons. Please. (Actually, I'm thinking about, oh, 30 sheep icons, 10 dollfie, and the rest miscellaneous favorites. Sound good?)

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Pretty 5x2-ness! Woo hoo! Yay! Smutty pics make my day.

The local porn industry is having trouble. *shakes head* This is NOT going to be good for the economy hereabouts, since it IS the porn capitol of the world. Really, it's quite bad and I should feel sorry for all those people, but hey, it's about sex, and sex is amusing.

silensy? Did you read the cute? Alison told Lorna to read the cute. It is cute. The cute kills.

So, who wants to come over Sunday and help me with the remaining comics organization!? Free food! Games! Fun-ness to be had! *looks hopefully at inkwraith and silensy*

I have not had caffeine in three days. Woe.
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