August 11th, 2004


Cleaning my desk off.

So today and yesterday, because of my computer being in pieces, I decided to clean my desk off. People who have actually seen my desk will understand what a major undertaking this was. I excavated down through strata. The lower in the piles I got, the further back in time the papers and stuff I found. I found two expired checks I never cashed, my CSUN registration, receipts galore, many bookmarks, random clippings of interesting articles, starts of various stories, scraps of papers with names and numbers of people who I do not remember, a bank card I never activated, a mixtape that is at least 10 years old, two CDs I borrowed a long time ago, more bookmarks, notes and outlines of various story ideas, a book I forgot I owned, random comics, STUFF, Comic Con stuff from 2003, Comic Con stuff from 2002, my AA diploma, my Moorpark College registration, notes from classes I took years ago, about $10 worth of postage stamps, the scizors I thought I'd lost forever, several keychains, little toy things, lots of blank notebooks and pads of paper, a video tape I'd borrowed awhile back, random unlabeled CDs, STUFF, lots of Sci-Fi Book Club mailings, a bunch of See's hard candies, a wooden box, pens, paperclips, STUFF, and a whole colony of rabid dust bunnies.

So now I am in the process of redistributing all of this stuff into other places. Next up is organzing the shelves on top of my desk and the drawers under it. The drawers are going to have the oldest stuff in them, so I think I'll leave that for later. Much later...

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There is more. Much much more. But I am tired of typing now.
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