August 24th, 2004

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Jonni Thunder (a.k.a. - Thunderbolt)

Comics! What marvelous fun! Or actually, in this case, was DC. And Jonni Thunder is a comic that really puts the "Detective" back in DC.

I REALLY liked this comic. I really wish there were more. Okay, what it is: Jonni Thunder, a.k.a. Thunderbolt was a 4 issue mini-series from 1984 about a hardboiled P.I. named Jonni Thunder. The series opens with Jonni returning from her father's funeral to find a dead man in her office. This is GOOD setup folks, especially for this kind of story. What exactly is this kind of story? An honest-to-goodness mystery, with a dose of superheroing thrown in. And? It's written with dialogue straight out of a Raymond Chandler novel -- and it actually works!

Taken out of context, the dialogue could be said to be pretty cheesy. Okay, VERY cheesy. But! It works for the story.

But this isn't a straight-up crime drama, either. It has that good old comics-crack in it, too. There are a bunch of tough, ultra-butch, female minions called collectively the Glamazons. Heh. OH, and speaking of butch? Jonni is totally a dyke, complete with commenting on the, ahem, attributes of her female foe. Oh sure, there are the two requisite male love-interest-types (an honest cop and a charmingly sleezy fellow P.I.), but whatever. Jonni is too good for a mere man, honey. (She can be my OTHER comics girlfriend, after the Crimson Avenger.) Then there is her campy office boy/phone answering guy. GAY GAY GAY.

There is also a random bunny named Seamus. O_O No, I don't know why the bunny was there, it just was. Ah, comics, such random crack, how I adore thee!

Seriously, this is a great comic. The characters are totally awesome. Even the villians are well-drawn for what they are. And the limitations of the superpower that Jonni gets is interesting. (Would anyone happen to know what ever happened to Jonni Thunder? Did she just disappear from DC continuity or did something happen to her? And how is she connect to JSA continuity with JT and everything? I am only now just getting into JSA, so please, some help here?)

Really, people, read this comic. Here, I'll even link to where you can get the torrent file:
I'll also seed it for as long as I can. I'm serious here, folks, I very rarely recommend comics, but this is a good one. Plus, it is only 4 issues. Take a chance!

(In other news, inkwraith, you might be interested to know that z-cult currently has a torrent of The Little Endless. Thought you might want to grab that. ^_^)
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