September 19th, 2004

alone on a swing

Stuff. I can't think of a title. Stuff that happened. Linksies. *shrugs*

On Friday, silensy came over to torture me give me the final part of my birthday present. She gave me That Which Does Not Exist. Yes folks, she gave me the ORIGINAL, non-edited, all-mentions-of-Zeist-intact version of Highlander II: The Quickening. WORST MOVIE EVER! Like, omg, I have even blocked out some of the pain from my first (and until Friday, my only) previous viewing of said movie. Wow, SO BAD. Anyway, inkwraith also came over and we three ate pizza and ice cream and watched That Which Does Not Exist, Teen Titans, Logan's Run, and a wee smidge of Stargate SG-1. Great fun, although I am sorry, elite_stoat, that we abandoned you and din't come to club.

Also on Friday, I went clothes shopping. Got some El Cheapo gear at Ross and then went to Mervyn's for some better stuff. And. Heh. I got BOOTS. They are cool, shit-kicker boots. With random buckles. And four-inch heels. Hehehehehehehehe. *ahem* I wore them to work today! Much fun. Love my new boots.

For "exceeding standards" in all areas under review, I got a $0.75 raise today! Yay!!! Wheee~! Me=happy.


Dick/Roy porn that is fun and hot, because it is actually all about Grace and Anissa.

I have sent out the first batch of Random Book packages to people. I'm sending out the stuff going to foreign countries first, as it will take longer to get there, but don't worry fellow citizens, I will be sending out more books, soon!

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