October 11th, 2004

alone on a swing

Home again, home again, fiddle-dee-dee

I am back! Italy was wonderful. I shall post pictures later. :-)

Unfortunately, while I was gone, two of the packages I sent out before I left were returned stamped "incomplete address" and so I need by_starkiller and meallanmouse to e-mail me their addresses again (my e-mail is cloudtrader@ghostmail.net or @livejournal.com). Sorry about that!

Luts' English site is online. OMG. NEED.

Italy was spectacular. Traveling to and from Italy? Suck. But! I got more pretty fans for my walls (which will require a complete re-do of all of my wall organization), some cute little cloth dolls, comics in Italian and German (why is it that Europe has so many more Japanese manga titles translated and released there than we do, WHY?!?!), rocks, socks, and other little touristy things. All told, I spent about $50. The big expense was just getting there.

Oh, inkwraith, I called you yesterday but I didn't ask the question that I called you about! (I was very very tired an hadn't slept in over 24 hours, so that is my excuse.) How are Kalila and Lycoris? I know you must have taken good care of them, but... I want my dollies back.

Oh, internet access, how I have missed you so!!! *huggles computer* silensy and I bought some internet time while there, but the keyboard was all different! Aaaaaagh!

Anyway, today is my catching-up-with-everything-online day. I will be on AIM tomorrow to catch up with people. Buon giorno!
alone on a swing

wheee, i have the internet again!

Everybody needs to see Mirror Mask when it comes out. Just saying. Click on that link for a trailer of the movie. It looks so cool! I got to see scenes from it at Comic Con this year and it looks totally awesome.

Hey, inkwraith, you might like this or this outfit for Seph. Would you like one of them for Christmas or something?

Personally, I really like this doll. The Choa is really growing on me. Now I'm not sure if I should get a Lishe (which replaced the Soo, which replaced the Nono) or a Choa when I eventually get my big doll. First I have to get a body for my Elf Ttory (should my elf child be a boy or a girl -- hard decisions!!!) and then I get a big doll. Hmmmmm.

Oh, right, I was going to catch up on e-mail and LJ stuff today, not check out E-bay and Z-cult. Um. Yeah...

ETA: This was funny!

ETA2: Go read these Quantum Leap crossover drabbles by jmtorres because they are beyond cool. Go, read!!!

ETA3: This is why Warren Ellis is god. SO FUNNY.
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stuff and dolls

For those who care, Amazon.com is currently offering Buffy season 1 and Angel season 1 plus some other Fox shows for deeply discounted prices (only $15 for Buffy and Angel). For more info, go here.

Okay, here are my choices. This is a basic, official picture of Choa and this is the really pretty Choa currently up on Ebay. I really like the looks of her. Should I get a Choa or should I get Lishe? This is Lishe. So? Opinions?

For reference, here are some photos of the two (smaller) dolls I already have.

This is Kalila.

And this is Lycoris.

Both Kalia is a Luts doll and Lycoris is a Serendipity doll. Lishe is also a Luts doll, but Choa is a CustomHouse Ai. That has no real relevance, but there is is. So, um, should I get a Lishe or a Choa? Such a hard decision! They both have these sorta half-lidded eyes that I like. Lishe looks sleepy and Choa looks like she is planning something nefarious. I dunno, what do y'all think?

Poll #364914 Doll decision!!!

Which doll do you like better/which should I get?


I have posted a lot today, I know, I'm sorry.