October 21st, 2004

bloody tears - Crimson Avenger

writing, dolls, money, computer woe, and serious shit

I have this incredible urge to write fanfic. Specifically, Brimstone fanfic. BUT NO! I must get my head around an outline for NaNoWriMo! I MUST!!! Gaarg!

inkwraith, did I tell you that your black and red stockings came? I wanna see them on Seph! Friday? Also, she can try on the outfit I bought for my not-here-yet doll so I can coo at her and stuff. *g*

Speaking of not-here-yet dolls, the cheque payment finally went through. *winces* My poor, poor bank account. *pets bank account and winces again at the hollow echo* Ouchie.

Apparently, the electrical wiring in my house is being, um, somewhat overloaded or something. (Gee, who woulda thought, I mean, we don't really have that many electronics, really! Don't say it, and I mean you, silensy.) Supposedly, there is some sort of noise responsible for mum's lack of sleeping, so I will not be able to use my computer at night. I think I may die. PAIN! ANGST!! WOE!!! Seriously sucks, yo. Hopefully, Mark will be able to convince her she is silly. Or, like, fix it or something.

In other doomfull news, Sha as been institutionalized for trying to commit suicide. I feel so guilty, I don't know why. I should have kept in touch with her better, not just done the yearly Christmas and birthday present thing. And, like, I don't think I answered some of the e-mails she sent me and yeah. I suck.
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It's been a long day.

I am in so much pain right now.

Exceptionally large shipment today, such that all the dollies were in use and I had to carry two dozen 50-pound boxes across the warehouse (one at a time, of course). *collapses in heap*

Fuck, days like this I miss my nice, cushy (boring as all get out) office cublical(hell) job. Or maybe not.

I need chocolate, fruit juice, and painkillers, STAT!
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