November 1st, 2004

candy is bad for you

Manic and strange.

I managed to swing an early shift again tomorrow, go me!

So, the computers were down at work yesterday and today. Can we say Of The Bad, people? Yes, yes we can. However! I did better than I thought I would, knowing the authors and locations of roughly 1/5 of the titles asked of me. Also had lots of fun calling all the nearby stores and having THEM check inventory for us, giggle. Oh oh my, I am really weird right now. If I were bipolar, I would say that I am in a manic mode, but I am not bipolar. Wow am I manic. I mean, like, bouncing off the walls manic. I hugged two people randomly today! And babbled stuff at complete strangers! And answered the phones in funny, chirpy-high voices! O.O

I blame sugar.

I am also grinning and giggling randomly and talking to myself more than usual. Huh.

Started the the Novel! Have one page. Animals annoying one of my main characters, tee hee. But they are special animals so they are allowed to.

Halloween! Didn't go anywhere except to get take-out Chinese. Had silensy and inkwraith and oshunanat and torrye over for food and movie-watching and candy-distribution. Gackt is hot. Hyde is hot. Gackt/Hyde is the hottest thing ever. Moon Child a pretty decent movie, yay hotness!

Previous night, did The Nightmare Before Christmas at ohani's house after work with others. Yay, fishies in my hair!!!!

Friday was Doll-Obsessing Night. Heh. Wow, get inkwraith and silensy and I together with a computer and dolls and you get much doll-obsessing. HOURS, baby, HOURS.

Leather pants for Lishe-doll-I-am-getting came today. Still now doll. Wah!

I have been manic all day. I don't think it's just the sugar.