November 24th, 2004

Newsstand Spider

I have dirt on my knees and my hands are bone dry. Yup, another day at work!

At work today, I unpacked, sorted, and shelved 40 boxes worth of mags. And I also zoned two bays. And did all my paperwork. And did the recycling.

If anyone had asked me before if that was even possible, I would have said no. And all that with a phone, too! (When assigned a phone, I rarely get anything done. Damn customers.)

I even felt good when I got off of work, not tired or achey or anything! So, of course, I went to the gym. That cured me of the silly "felt good" thing and now I am all properly achey and stuff.

However, I still rock hardcore. My boss said I am Wonder Woman. I said I wanted a theme song. They're going to look into getting me one... ^____^