December 4th, 2004

candy is bad for you

Crack, baby, CRACK!

*moans* I can't believe I spent the last five hours watching the first several episodes of Lost. OMG, CRACK! This show has seriously broken my brain. <3<3<3 I can't see straight, must sleep now. CRACK!!!!
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Cute Grey Faerie


I just walked into my room, turned on the light... and brushed my cheek up against a very large spider dangling from my ceiling. So I knocked it down, carefully scooped it up in a tissue so as not to kill it, and rushed outside where I released it into the wild. *beams* Hey, I usually just let them roam freely in my room, but brushing up against me was too much and at least I didn't kill it, right?


BIG house. LOTS of people. Good company, had fun. ^_^

Last night, elite_stoat gave me long rainbow socks! YAY!!! <3<3<3 Also, I bought lots of candy.

Lost is cool.

Oh, and my ggoma delf Ttory head now has eyes! Whee~!