January 20th, 2005

Sheep Space

dustbunnies, dolls, fanfic, and apologies

I survived the Shift of Woe. It was a long battle, but in the end we did manage -- just -- to defeat the Evil Rabid Dustbunnies of Doom. At one point, I was vacuuming something that looked grey... but after I was done, it was bright yellow! O_O DOOM, I say, Evil Rabid Dustbunnies of DOOM. Anyway, I got home by 4am and went straight to sleep, but I'm still a bit blurry.

I did absolutely nothing today. Yay!!

I posted a Photostory of Kalila playing with action figures and a bunch of random pictures of dolls over at Den of Angels. I <3 my dolls. A lot. (*whines* When is May going to get here!?)

Doll Meet-Up at Huntington Library this Saturday, yay! I'm trying to figure out how to carry all of my dolls. I don't want any of them to feel left out... Clover is going with me to work on Sunday to meet Ray Bradbury. I'm looking forward to hearing him speak again. His daughter will be babysitting Clover for me while I work crowd-control.

In other news, I'm stalled on my fanfic, The New Adventures of the Creeper and Freaky the Boy Psycho. See, I'm trying for an actual coherrant narrative (I know, *gasp* *shock* this is ME!) and a backstory that makes sense (I don't know why I'm trying to make this make sense, after all, this is the DC Universe...), but Tim just isn't cooperating. I need to make him more crazy. Hmm. Dead parents: check. Trapped under falling debris: check. Hangs out/is obsessed with the Creeper: check. What more could I do to the poor boy!?! Well... there is always torture... yesss... hmmm...

I am pondering signing up for 4colorheroines and requesting fic about Jonni Thunder, Crimson Avenger II, or Fallen Angel. And writing them, too. Crimson Avenger I actually have plotbunnies for, but I seriously doubt that anyone would request fic about her. I am also thinking about writing more Cloud fic and posting it to comica_obscura.

I have decided that I will have to leave x_project because I can't keep up anymore... I'm sorry. I'll e-mail the Mods about it. I really had fun with the game, but I have been moving away from RPGs. silensy, meallanmouse, I'm really sorry.
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