March 30th, 2005

Sheep Space

web space and dolls

Mwahahahahaha!!! I got 4 GB of hosting with a huge amount of bandwidth AND my very own domain for an entire year for LESS THAN $10!!!! *does the happy dance* So very, very, very cool. I <3 Ken. After you left, silensy, and Mark went back to his computer, Ken and I chatted and he showed me where to get this wonderful deal! SO COOL. Next time we all play Bomberman together, you should let him win. SO COOL.

Now I have no excuse not to have a nifty website anymore, eh? I mean, I have my lame-ass geocities comics scans site, and two school websites (one of which I've practically dismantled because I needed the space to host pictures of dolls on, ehehehhheheheeeh '''^_^), but now I must build... a doll site!


Also, Yuki shipped today. WOO HOO!!! So happy. XD

I took over Mark's computer for a little while tonight to print off some high quality photos so that I can torture my coworkers with them. Heh. Actually, the other day one of them asked if I had brought any to work with me that day and seemed genuinely disappointed that I hadn't. Lycoris is a particular favorite among my coworkers.
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