April 3rd, 2005


(no subject)

Mark is buying a motorcycle. Suddenly, I don't feel so excessive for buying expensive dolls... Heh.

So, about that going to teach in Japan thing. Um. Now I'm not so sure anymore. See, last night I was offered a promotion at work. A magerial type promotion, complete with raise. So, instead of supervising only two people, I would be in charge of about fifteen people. Oh, and handling large amounts of money, which I would be responsible for. And I'd actually have to deal with the irate customers that I usually hand off to, you know, managers. Eek. But. I don't know! I was really starting to look forward to living in Japan for a year. But, well, job. Money. STUFF. *waves hands*

I just remembered that I still ahve Cadbury creme eggs left. Chocolate makes everything better.

I narrowed down my list of names for Yuki last night and was left with Yoki. Which is silly. "Hi this is Yoki, my Yuki." No. So, back to the old drawing board. (The second to last name on my list was Rowan, but I think it is too close to Rook in sound.)