May 19th, 2005

alone on a swing

Update on Project: Deep Clean

While, yes, I AM horribly behind on my planned schedule of cleaning, Project: Deep Clean is proceeding apace.

Interesting things that I have found:
1)The baby journal my mom kept for me. Collapse )

2) My sister's college engineering notes. From 1984. O_O

3) A LOT of religious stuff, mainly Krishnamurti and Amachi tracts. I used to be a lot more religious than I am now, I guess. I can still remember all the hymns and stuff, though. My mom still does Self-Realization Fellowship things, but I don't. I kinda miss the Amachi meetings we used to go to.

4) Homework. Lots and lots of schoolwork. Most of it doodled on. I used to draw a lot. I wasn't too bad, either. Threw most of it away.

5) A dead scorpion. You know, I should really clean more often.

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O_O Wow, I just descended far enough down in the strata of crap that makes up my room to find my preschool-3rd grade portfolio of drawings and schoolwork. And WOW, was I a troubled child. Most of the pictures I drew were pretty horrific, in a childish way. People with knives in their backs, skeletons hanging on dungeon walls, people being fried by the magical zap-powers of other people.

Tossed most of it in the recycle bin, but I've kept a small collection of the scarier shit to support an insanity plea should I ever kill someone....