June 8th, 2005

light and mist

Dionysus Bleeding

I have this phrase stuck in my head. I know not what it means, I know not where it comes from, but it has been stuck in my head for a couple of months now. It's not even really a phrase, more like a fragment or a title or something. This happens to me often, by the way -- I get phrases or words stuck in my head a lot. They run around my brain in loops, coiling up over my grey matter like malicious little snakes whispering the same thing to me over and over. Phrases are worse than songs for getting stuck in my brain, and often they are phrases of my own creation, born deep in the dark, roadless and mapless territories of my subconscious. The ones spawned from my inner landscape stick harder than those I pick up from the outside world. Of course, the elements that form these insidious phrases must come from the outside, but if the phrase is something uniquely crafted in my psyche, then it clings to my mind.

Sometimes, I don't know if the phrase stuck in my noggin comes from within or without. That just makes having it there all the more frustrating, by the way. The one currently twisting it's way through my thoughts is just such a one. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH.

So, the phrase; "Dionysus Bleeding." Just that, "Dionysus Bleeding." I will think those two words at the weirdest times! What do they mean, though? Of all the mythology that I am fond of, Dionysus is not high on my list. This phrase has been stuck in my head for MONTHS now. It even informed a recent post I made to scans_daily, because I was searching for it's origin. I've Googled it, I've read up on the two cultural forms that make up the phrase, I've tried to flog a story idea out of it, but nothing. Nada.

What does it MEAN?! Does it come from an internal or an external source? This phrase has been wearing a rut through my mind for awhile now, and I want some resolution. So, thoughts, anyone?