June 11th, 2005

Pippin - Yep!

The State of Being Me

arabel tagged me, so...Collapse )

Also, this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen on the internet. Or rather, heard. That is such a great site.

Mark got tickets to the Dodger game today, so we will be leaving to go see that in a few hours. There is a celebrity game going on before it. I'm only a fan of two of the players participating (Sean Astin and Michael Rosenbaum), so we're going to miss the first part, but we'll still see some of it, and, of course, the real game. He got front row, field-level tickets, too, so wow, CLOSE. Should be fun!

Since I couldn't find white doll eyelashes for my drow girl, I ordered some human ones and they came yesterday. Thinning them out and trimming them down looks to be a bit scary... Anyway, she is currently away getting her makeover, but here is a pre-makeover picture: Collapse )

Played Mah Jong last night. I didn't remember enough of playing it at Liquid Cube to be helpful in figuring out the rules, but it was fun! I bought the set because we're having Employee Appreciation days at work this weekend -- I get 40% off of everything. Yesterday I bought a bunch of stuff. Yay, stuff!! ... Yeah, I know I already have a lot of stuff... ^_^'

Right now, I'm thinking life is pretty good, but lately I've been pretty melancholy.