August 2nd, 2005

There can be only one!

This is the perfect icon for this entry.

I am quite appalled at the complete lack of Stargate Atlantis/Highlander crossovers. Someone needs to write me some right now (so I can stop dreaming about it and so I won't try to fill the need with my own hopeless scribblings).

Also, I feel the need to read Wonder Woman comics, yet I have none. Woe.
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The version of the first episode of Stargate Atlantis that I downloaded has Japanese subtitles. *giggles*

I think I'll consider this a learning exercise. Yes, watching SGA is helping me study up for moving to Japan. LOL!
Fear my CGI of DOOM!!!

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Oh god. Please, please help me. I have these ideas. OMG. And, like, there are these characters talking to me. Eeep.

It does not help that my mum came home from Orvieto today with, like, three pounds of chocolate. I foresee large amounts of sugar-induced insanity in my near future.

But WHY? WHY is Methos talking to me again after all these years? And... and! It doesn't make any SENSE that he should be in Atlantis! None at all!

And I haven't really written any fanfic in over two years. Wow. Two years. Huh.

And how would he fit a sword into his personal bag, anyway? *despairs*