September 5th, 2005

Green Eyelashes

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After complaining to ohani yesterday about the lack of picnics in my life, it was a pleasant surprise to go on one today with my mum, Mark, my sisty, and her brats. Lying in the shade and watching the green leaves of the tree above you blow in the gentle breeze with a backdrop of blue blue sky has much to recommmed it.

So, I am about ready to send off my contract. Just need to cross some t's and dot some i's and then sign the thing. In triplicate. *nods* And then I will be contract-bound to teach for a year in Japan.

Wow, still kinda stunned over all of that.
Tau'ri Cheveron

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I have practically been mainlining Stargate Atlantis for the last several hours (um, about the last seven hours, actually, wow). Finished watching all of the first season. Is it a bad sign that I'm hot for both Teyla and Bates and want to write horribly OOC hook-up fic for them? Yes, probably. Um. Right then, I'll just go back to that John/Rodney fic I was reading... (not enough Radek Zelenka fic, I tell ya! and his adorable little crush on Elizabeth. *g*)