September 15th, 2005


I'm going to run my karma over your dogma.

So, I live on a semi-busy street, and at rush-hour, it is a VERY busy street. To pull out of my driveway during rush-hour, I just kinda have to trust that people won't be assholes and that they'll slow down and let me, because there is no break in the traffic, ever. Sure, sometimes I get a jerk come up on me fast and flash his lights or honk at me, but for the most part it is okay. Oh, and I should mention that the speed limit on my street is 40 mph and that most people take it at about 65. So yesterday I pull out and this asshole doesn't slow down. In fact, he swerves around me into the on-comming traffic lane (mine is a two-lane street) and then cuts me off. Now, my driveway is at the top of a blind hill, so he couldn't see beyond me to see if it was safe to do this blatently illegal thing. Which also means that he didn't see the two motorcycle cops coming toward us. Heh. Hehehehehe. The cops did a U-turn right in front of me and pulled him over. Now THAT is karmic justice! Very nice.

That good beginning to my day was kinda ruined by the jackass that yelled at me and complained about me to my manager at work, but oh well. I think it was cultural differences. The cues that his voice and facial expressions were giving me made me think he was joking, but apparently he wasn't, so when I giggled at something he said he took extreme offense. *shrugs* Oh well. I maintained a pleasant exterior and helped other customers cheerfully while he basically called me an uber-bitch to my boss within my hearing. You know, a long time ago, a dickwad customer who was being only half as offensive as this guy actually made me cry, but a few years working in retail as the whipping girl of any joe-off-the-street having a bad day has forced me to grow a nice, psychically-callused exterior.

In other "wow, that sucks" work news, my replacement as Newsstand Lead quit with no notice, leaving me and the store in a lurch. Next week the newsstand is getting certified by our DM as complying with company standards, and the lamer who replaced me has done NOTHING. They're going to put me back on newsstand, but since they can't spare me where I am, it will be a case of both areas getting shafted and of me running back and forth between them and exhausting myself (again).

Ain't life grand?

Okay, onto more pleasant topics! I sent out meallanmouse's pacakge a few days ago and it should be in Canada by now, if not already at her door. I'm still working on jmtorres's stuff (have 13 DVDs burned so far, only a few requested series left to go). It's so much easier with my laptop now! I had today off, so I worked on that, read fanfic, played Bomberman, and played with dolls. Yay, dolls! Erm, speaking of dolls, when are you going to get your Shiwoo, inkwraith? Before I got to Japan, hopefully? And in other "YAY, DOLLS!" news, I should be receiving a shiny package from Korea soon. *giggles* Whee~!

torrye, ohani? Are you two coming to silensy's Mary Kay/housewarming party tomorrow? Because I have birthday prezzies for both of you.