October 24th, 2005

bust a gut laughing - Conan

I am so very lucky to have just a wonderful life. ^__^

My mommy is home from Egypt, yay! She had fun, although it was quite an exhausting journey. She climbed up pyramids and stuff. She said she spoke my full name in the King's Chamber (I think...) and so they know to expect me (not anytime soon, I hope). She brought me back some cool keychains and a very nifty fan. I'm so happy she's home and that she had a good time!

Breeann (a good friend from work) randomly bought me a computer game called Hello Kitty Cutie World because she said it reminded her of me. She says I cheer her up when I randomly call her and ask her silly questions like "Should I buy this Hello Kitty calandar?" or when I bring her fun things to see. Yay! That makes me happy and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And now, I can play Hello Kitty Mahjongg! XD

I started in my new position at work yesterday and continued it today. I spent about three hours kneeling and crawling around on the floor. They've taken me off register and soon I won't have my manager codes anymore since I'm leaving. They stuck me in the sucky zone. *grits teeth* But it is only for a little while -- I'll live.

I've made arrangements to go up to Vancouver again in early December for my training. Soon I need to look for tickets to Japan! But first I really must finish (or, you know, start...) the second correspondence training pack they sent me. It's due in a week. Um, yes. Wow, I'm going to Japan! And hopefully New Zealand, if I can swing it. I got to practice my (very very extemely limited) Japanese on a hapless tourist the other day. I TOTALLY need to study more! >_<

Look at this neat icon inkwraith made me! It totally cracks me up. That's Conan, by the way, and he just saw someone accidently kill themselves. Heh. *smirks* Thanks, Inky!

And now for our regularly scheduled dolly fun! Saturday I went to the Huntington Library with mayuka13, mechamel, xberryjam, torrye, ohani, and inkwraith where we had tea and played with dolls. YAY! Collapse )

Earlier tonight, Mark and I watched The Cat Returns. I think it might have broken his brain, heh. It was cute and fun and trippy. I quite liked it.