October 25th, 2005

Kalila - so very demure

Doll pictures. ^__^

Recent posts to the DoA Gallery:
Snuggle Kittens - Ailani and Lotus in kitty outfits. *dies of cute*
Lotus in Bloom - Lotus in her lovely Chinese Princess outfit.
Pimp daddy in da house! - Rook pimping it up with his harem. *giggles*
Goddess of Light and Little Ones - Sabine being her beautiful self with Ailani and Lotus.
Jaya & Justin - Jaya and silensy's Justin. ^_^
Of Tea, Totoro, & Tarot - Sabine and inkwraith's Seph having tea with Ellette and Zen, with an appearance by Totoro and Sakiryl.