October 29th, 2005

FYowKow - Japanese Cloudtrader

Goods my Japanese apartment comes pre-furnished with.

light fixtures
1 heater/air conditioner
1 stove (single burner)
1 toaster oven
1 fridge
1 washing machine
1 vacuum cleaner
1 coffee table
1 chair (it says it could be a chair with or without legs. um.)
1 pipe hanger (???????)
1 iron
1 ironing board
2 plates
2 soup dishes
2 glasses
2 cups
2 table spoons
2 tea spoons
2 forks
2 knives
1 frying pan
1 pot
1 saucepan
1 kettle
1 kitchen knife
1 cutting board
1 futon
1 comforter for winter
1 comforter for summer
1 blanket
1 pillow (oh yeah, gonna need to buy more pillows, definitely)
2 sheets for futon
2 comforter covers
2 pillow cases

Pretty good, huh? I wonder what else I will need to buy to make it livable?
alone on a swing

English is hard.

Okay, help me out, my wonderful LJ friends, because I am drawing a complete blank here.

How would you explain the difference between:

a) I saw it
b) I looked at it
c) I watched it
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