November 10th, 2005

simple pleasures

time to engage my brain

Cool links that everyone on my friends list (plus, my mum -- must remember to send these to her) would probably enjoy reading:
Fandom and Male Privilage by cereta
On Chicks, Dudes and Fandom by nos4a2no9
(thanks to arabel for these fascinating links)

Also, I've recently found a very cool community to read: fanthropology. Fascinating stuff and great discussions. Again, my mum would get a kick out of this. She had been in "fandom" since the late sixties and was a very active member of LASFS.

And now for something that makes my brain go "HUH?!?!": Ah, thank you, scans_daily, for another moment of 'WHAT WERE THOSE COMICS WRITERS THINKING!?!' Actually, it kinda makes me want to read more Jimmy Olsen stuff. Because Jimmy? Gets the good crack! Or possibly the very bad crack. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the two.

It took me four hours this morning to do two lesson plans. I fear. So much fear. It will get easier, right? Right? I should do a few more tomorrow (well, actually, today...), but I think I might go insane if I try it. Maybe lesson plans alternating with episodes of Babylon 5? We'll see.