December 23rd, 2005

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Today was my last day of work at Barnes & Noble Booksellers. I started at 6:45am. For the first hour and a half I counted money for the bank deposit and completed yesterday's register media recap. Once we opened, there were billions of customers to help. (On a side note, seriously, wow, people, with the shopping and the money-spending, yeesh!)

There was a going away party for me all day in the breakroom. Four boxes of donuts, two cakes (one an ENORMOUS one with my full name written on it -- all 37 letters, all 16 syllables, heh), three bags of chips and three kinds of dip, a plate of homemade peanut butter balls, a party tray of deviled eggs, a party tray of crossiant ham sandwiches, and a few other things. Quite a send off! Plus, Debbie (a fellow headcahier and one of my favorites) knitted me a pink fluffy scarf and gave it to me. Leila (a fellow lead) gave me a bouquet of these really cool looking flowers called Celosias (they seriously look like something from an alien planet on Star Trek). Breeann (another of my favorites) gave me some doggie treats for Angel. She's also brough in the fabulous cake and organized the party. And I got a card with lots of little notes from people on it. And hugs from everyone. WAH! I'LL MISS THEM ALL SO MUCH!!!!

It was a lovely last day and party and yeah. I really will miss working there because all of the people are just so awesome. :-(
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All I want for Christmas is for someone to send me/link me to/upload for me episodes 203 and 204 of House MD. (C'mon, friends list, I'm counting on you!) I've managed to download everything else (well, almost, I still have about 85 hours to go on torrenting ep 206), but I can't watch any of the ones that come after these episodes because I am silly and want to see them in order.