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The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight's Journal
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Saturday, December 31st, 2005

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computer, doll, and travel woe, plus a meme to round out the year
OMG, just had a horrible scare! My computer randomly turned off and restarted twice in a row and then it turned off and wouldn't come back on again and OMG SO SCARED THAT I'D MAYBE LOST EVERYTHING, OMG!!! But it reset alright, and I backed up everything (except the comics and the media... how do you back up 200 gigs of comics and 80 gigs of random television shows when you don't have a functional DVD burner in the right computer, I ask you? Well. That's where a wireless network, a twenty gig external harddrive, and a wee little jumpdrive come in handy to transfer everything to the computer that DOES have a DVD burner in it... yeah, this is taking forever. I have 18 DVDs burned so far and I don't think I'm even halfway done. *bangs head on keyboard*) really important -- like my writing and my family photos -- a few months ago.

I wonder if there is such a thing as a 300 gig external harddrive, and I also wonder how much it would cost. Hmm, just looked it up; a 400 GB harddrive is about $400. Um, no. DVDs it is! Just so long as these DVDs don't crap out. Mark did a batch over a year ago that had bad dye or something and all the data on them have disappeared. Dozens of DVDs had to be thrown out!!! Grr.

Okay, anyway, enough about my computer, on to my other obsession. Dolls.

Doll meet-up today was nice. It is always fun to see and play with other people's dolls. I was quite enamoured with the beautiful, delicate little Liebchen. So lovely! She and Lycoris were lovely together. She is even more petite and delicate than Sharmin! A little bit shorter, but in the same scale. I'm not getting her, but, *sigh*.

Speaking of Lycoris... I packed her bag (or rather, shoebox) today. I am fostering some of my dolls out for a year since I can't take them all to Japan with me. Lycoris and Sakiryl are ready to go home with ohani tomorrow. ohani really adores Lycoris (as it should be -- Lycoris is just gorgeous, if I do say so myself. It's a toss-up between Lycoris and Sabine for which of my dolls I consider the most beautiful.) and she likes Sakiryl too, I think. She'll take good care of them, I'm sure. Rook and Ikelos-the-Plushie will be going home with inkwraith, along with their clothes (what few clothes for my poor boys that I have!). I think they'll get along in the Elaya household quite well and be fast friends with the deboinair Icarian, who was quite snazzily turned out for today's meet. silensy will be looking out for either Jaya or Sabine, or possibly both. I have not decided yet which one to take to Japan or if I should take one of them at all. I certainly can't take both! They're so big! *angsts*

I think I may be in such a tizzy over the distribution of the dolls to distract myself from the wholly depressing thought that I won't be able to take my friends and family with me. :-( OMG, I am going to miss everyone SO MUCH!!! I'm seriously doubting myself right this moment. But it swings back and forth -- sometimes I think that this is exactly what I should be doing and just what I needed, but sometimes I think it is a terrible mistake. So far, it's more the former than the later, but we shall see how it goes once the horrible crushing homesickness and the culture stress set in, hmmm?

As my mom commented, it's kinda weird that I'm doing this. I absolutely LOATHE change. It comes of being shuffled between homes so often as a child, I guess. But I've been rooted in one place for the last six years, so I guess I've forgetten how much it sucked to be able to pack my life up into two suitcases and move at a moments notice (or when all my stuff was chucked out the window). Geez, now I'm just depressing myself aren't I? Also, I"m rambling. *rolls eyes*

It was fun catching up with April today. We did lunch.

And now I shall do that meme that was going around last week with the first line of the first LJ entry of every month this past year. Fascinating stuff, really!Collapse )

That is all.

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