January 16th, 2006

light and mist

living in a foreign land

I would post pictures of what my apartment and neighborhood looks like, but I forgot the install disks for my camera card. Whoops! But don't worry, I brought another camera card that does not require extra stuff, so someday I will actually update with the pictures that people are asking for. Just not now. Because it is dark and cold outside and I will not be going out again today, as I have already walked all over creation (if you define "creation" as "Toyonaka City, Japan").

Other stuff about being here:

*I'm afraid that my heating bill will be high, because it is cold here (for me, anyway) and the first thing I do whenever I get back to my apartment is turn on the heater.

*So far, I have only made one mistake in the buying of groceries. (I bought paper towels instead of toilet paper.) Hey, I consider this quite an accomplishment, seeing as how everything is labeled in a language that I don't know.

*I visited a random shrine today and put in my 5 yen and did the clapping thing and prayed that I wouldn't screw up too badly and rang the bell.

*I am terribly, terribly afraid of offending my neighbors by making too much noise, so I have literally been tip-toeing around, however, I am a clumsy oaf who tends to trip and drop things. A lot. *cringe*

*Umbrellas are left everywhere! Like, randomly! And yet, I still couldn't bring myself to steal one for the twenty minute walk in the rain to the station from my apartment. I did steal one from work later, though.

*There is nothing on Japanese television. Really, I looked. (Well, okay, so I didn't really give it a chance before internet-deprivation set in and I unhooked the TV so I could hook up my laptop.)

*I don't know how to work a rice-cooker. There is one here all ready for me to use, but never having seen one in real life before is a detirment.

*I love the fact that the big shopping streets are covered over. That's just cool.

*Aloe yohgurt is just weird, period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it -- WEIRD. But also kind of tasty. I could do without the aloe chunks, though.

Anyway, today I had big plans, but I only accomplished one of the many tasks I set myself. I applied for my foreign registration card and got the little paper in my passport that says it's in the works. I have to pick it up in two weeks. But I still didn't manage to get a name stamp thingee, a bank account, or a cell phone. However! I did learn the kanji for Osaka, Toyonaka, and Haradanaka, so I can write my address in Japanese now! Not that I need to.

Speaking of which, I got my first letter in the mail! oshunanat, your letter came. Thanks so much for sending it! ^__^

Things I still need to buy:

*Paper, envelops, and stamps so I can write letters to people back home. Tape and scissors. Pretty pens.

*Hangers, so I can actually hang up my clothes. A laundry line and clips so I can dry my clothes outside on my balconey.

*Rice. I want to learn how to use my rice-cooker!

I miss everyone so very very much. Especially my mum and Mark. :-(