January 22nd, 2006

Hello Kitty - Tasty Fandom

When I woke up this morning, it was snowing outside.

Since some recent exchanges that I have had with certain online people indicate an interest, I shall tell you all (and show you) about my life in Japan. Or something. I may get tired half way through writing this and wander off to do something else. ^__^

Saturday, after work, I went to this big party with all of the teachers at my school (whoo hoo, all three of us plus the manager) and about two dozen students. It was a combination Welcome party for me and Farewell parter for the manager. I'll miss the manager, Emi. She's helped me out so much and made everything about living here easier for me! Wah! Anyway, we went to an izakaya and got the party room where I tried all sorts of new Japanese foods that I've never hear of before, watched my students get rather drunk, and got a bit tipsy myself. I had to run for the last train home (it's really silly for them to stop running trains at midnight, I mean, honestly). It was an altogether fun time.

But I had even more fun on Sunday when I met up with withinity to go to the Volks store and generally hang out. I was rather proud of myself for navigating not just the Hankyu trains (which is the system I use to commute to work every day on) but also two different subway lines (the red one and the pink one, which have actual names, but I forgot them). I couldn't ask for a better guide and new friend than withinity! She showed me all around downtown Osaka, including this really big shopping area called Shinsaibashi. Anyway, the Volks store was cool, and I was VERY tempted by the white skin DDIIs that they had laying about, but I managed to restrain myself to only one outfit purchase. And it's an awesome outfit!

Thank you SO MUCH, Dezarii, for showing me around! You rock. And I hope that we can get together again soon. Remember, next time it is my turn to buy the ice cream! *HUGGLES* ^_____________^

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