January 28th, 2006


wherein I ramble on about nothing in particular (feel free to skip this)

I would, of course, be invited to go out clubbing right as I get home after a 20 minute walk in the freezing night. Seriously, dudes, invite me BEFORE I make my trek out of the city! That said, it is an open invitation that I will take them up on someday, because that one time that I did actually go clubbing I enjoyed it a lot. Of course, the next day was an agony of pain, but that was only because I had to work at 6am.

Speaking of work, I have been away from B&N for over a month now. Seriously, I miss it. A lot. A lot a lot. *sigh*

inkwraith, I got your card! YAY! Thank you. People, seriously, I'm tired of the same adds for porn filling my mailbox, send me letters!

My address is:

Tara Kidd
Leopalace Harada 313
1-14-32 Haradanaka
Osakafu, Toynaka, Osaka 561-0807

Seriously, my mailbox alway has fliers for porn in it! Probably because I'm living in an apartment complex only for single people, but eh.

Most of my students in the 8 to 12 year old range are obsessed with Naruto. Did you know that there are 31 volumes of it out? I sure didn't. Maybe I should take a look at the anime series again, because it seriously didn't impress me that much when I saw the first episode. Huh. I wonder if I should try to get ahold of some of the Naruto manga in English? Might that not tempt them?

I seriously want to steal one of the little wooden signs that they have up here near elementary schools. They're so cute! Wanty! Heh.

My manager's last day was today. Sad now. I really liked her. ;_; And who knows if the next manager will even speak English? Woe.

I indulged myself by actually going out and getting real food for lunch today. Unfortunately, that was apparently a bad idea, as it disagreed with me. So I have decided that lunch is not really a necessary thing anyway. I've been going without lunch for most of my stay here (seriously, way too busy at work to eat) and this just proves that lunch is more trouble than it's worth.

Oh, and speaking of sending me stuff, be sure to send me pretty pictures of you and of dolls! And just plain pretty pictures! I seriously need stuff to put up on my walls. Even nice things clipped out of magazines are cool.

And thus concludes Tara's Ramblings. Stay tuned for more ramblings, coming soon to an LJ near you!
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