January 30th, 2006

Hello Kitty - Tasty Fandom

I went grocery shopping today.

Foods that I am absolutely LOVING that I can get here that I couldn't get at home:
- They have these doughy breadrolls filled with custard here. They are sublime. There are actually lots of different kinds of sweet breads all around -- a lot more than back home. Japan is, apparently, a bread-lover's haven.
- There is this drink called Vitamin C.C. Lemon which is awesome! It is slightly carbonated lemon juice. It's less tangy than actual lemonade and it is really good. Mmmm, yummy.
- In the condiment aisle, I found squeeze bottles of various sauce-type things that you're supposed to spread on bread and then toast it in a toaster over. I got some with tomato paste, onions, corn, and mushroom and had some today and it was YUMMY TO THE MAX. Mmmm. I ate too much this evening because I wanted another slice of yummy, dressed-up bread.
- Speaking of bread, all of the sandwich bread here is at least double the thickness of what I get back home. And so good! (I love bread. A lot. Just sayin'...)

Foods that I'm glad I bought today:
- I got a bottle of honey to sweeten my tea. Tea with honey is heaven. Seriously relaxing. Lovely.
- Batter-fried mashed potato balls. At least, I think that's what they are. They're good!

Things I forgot to buy today:
- Rice. I want to figure out how to use my rice cooker.
- Toilet paper. I'm not in immediate danger of running out, but I do like to be prepared.
- I kinda wanted ice cream, but I decided that it would probably melt on the way home, except now I'm thinking that it wouldn't have because it was cold today, and I would like some ice cream, but eh.
- I meant to pick up some riceballs and some chicken, but forgot. Oops. Well, next Monday, I guess.

Other things in my fridge/cupboard now:
- Carrots.
- Apples.
- Bananas.
- Lettuce.
- Ham.
- Yoghurt.
- Juice.
- Ramen.
- Pasta.
- Granola.
- Bread.
- Fruit cup.
- Seaweed puff balls (they're these light, crunchy snack things).
- Hard sugar candies.
- Mustard.

Food I never, ever want to try again:
- Vegetable juice. YUCK!
- Pickled plum. GROSS.

Food that my mum has sent me, just because:
- A box of granola bars.
- Two ladybugs.
- A half-finsihed light-up lollipop from last July.
- A broken stick of banana-caramel hard candy.

Food that I haven't found yet, but really want to:
- Nutella. I'm told that it DOES, actually, exist here. In fact, I was told that it exists in many a convenience store, but as yet, I have not found any.
- Chocolate-covered cashews. Being my favorite dessert substance, I would love to find some here. There are chocolate-covered nuts here (a student brough in chocolate-covered macadameia nuts the other day and I had more than my fair share of them), so it's just a matter of time before I locate a supplier.
- Motzerella cheese. Another thing that I've been told exists in convenience stores but have yet to discover where.

The grocery store I go to has savings/points cards. The lady in line in front of me had one. I wonder how I go about getting one?
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