March 8th, 2006

bubbles of DOOM!!!

Life on Mars

"Do you not like me with my clown?
I can see I make you frown.
When on Earth will all this end?
I'm your friend -- your only friend."


I am too freaked out to sleep now.
Cute Grey Faerie

To those of my Friends who are going to Comic Con:

I'm considering NOT coming home for Comic Con, guys. I might still come home for a visit some other time, but...

Man, I would really miss not going to Comic Con (for the first time in, um, yeah, 6 years) with all of my friends, but, well, it's a bit harder for me to make it this year than before.

So. Convince me to go. Give me some good arguments! silensy, ohani, (are you going to go inkwraith?), anyone?