March 15th, 2006

Tau'ri Cheveron

Vala is cool.

Okay, you know what? Whoever came up with the idea for the cliffhanger season finale is evil, just... pure evil. *gnashes teeth* Why yes, yes I did just watch the season 9 SG1 finale, why do you ask?

I remember many season finales. Many. Like Mulder's "death". Does anyone else here remember that? Ahhh, the theories I came up with over the break... Memories. And, hmm, ah yes, a certain finale involving Methos and an apocalypse (good times, good times).


The wait. The anticipation. The enevitable letdown when the canon of the new episodes disproves your wild speculations and fanfic plots.

There are going to be more episodes, right? They didn't, like, not pick up for a 10th season, right? Because... well, much with the suck if this turns into a Forever Knight-style ending, ya know?

Okay, now I just have to catch up on the entire second season of SGA.

Perhaps I shall re-watch the first season again. In English, this time, instead of the Japanese subs I accidently downloaded. I love my DVDs. *huggles*

(This entirely pointless entry brought to you by the fact that I am a little depressed over the fact that I shall have to work, like, 60 hour weeks for the rest of my tenure with GEOS, no matter what my contract says, because my manager is just really damn good and has just created three more classes for me to teach. *sighs* Yes, I do know that I am hiding from reality in fun sci-fi tv shows. The fact that my computer has been downloading Star Trek, Stargate, and Life on Mars non-stop for the past few weeks probably gave it away...)
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