April 23rd, 2006

Pippin - Yep!

I wish that Kinokuniya stocked more Star Trek novels!

Mmm, I'm tired. I went to Shin-Osaka today to make the final arrangements for the trip to Tokyo. It was fairly simple, thank goodness. Afterwards, I went to the Volks store to pick up Doll's Party 15 Guide Books for inkwraith and myself. Then I walked around Namba, just to see what I could see, exploring a bit. Wow. Seriously? Every time I think that the shopping must end eventually... somewhere... I turn a corner or go up or down a staircase and there is MORE. OMG, SO MUCH SHOPPING! Lots of cool stuff to look at. I have decided that Osaka (or maybe Japan in general, dunno) is the Land of Really Expensive and Faintly Silly Look Shoes. Totally. Shoe shops everywhere, with every kind of shoe imaginable (and many that are only imaginable while dropping acid), yet NOWHERE could I find anything that fit me!!!! GRRRRRR. My shoes literally have HOLES in them. I NEED new shoes. Desperately. Yet, I am cursed with huge feet. So far, I've only managed to buy a pair of slipper/flipflop things. *sigh*

inkwraith, oh wonderously amazing Force of Compassion and Grace in the Universe? Do you think... maybe... you might be able to, like, bring me shoes when you come....? *gives you the pathetic pleading puppy dog look*

My sister sent me a box full of birthday goodies! Some really random stuff (she takes after our mother that way, heh) was in it, including a smiling, plushie flower, a green puppy plushie, a whole bunch of stickers, some Easter sugar candy shaped like Mickey and friends inside plastic easter eggs, a bottle of bubbles, and a completely kick-ass McFarlane dragon action figure (she obviously didn't get the memo that I'm trying to ween myself off the action figure addiction). I also got a very cool letter from torrye!!! Thank you so much for the letter!!! Makes me happy. :-)

In less happy news, I have even MORE new students under the age of 5. Rah. Not.

Oh, but speaking of various future visits, I finally got my holiday time approved. And as of today, I have completed all of the arrangements for both inkwraith's and my mum's visits. Unfortunately, since I'm taking off a week of work because of my mum's visit, I cannot go to Comic Con. :-( Sorry guys! Two long holidays only two months apart are not acceptable to GEOS! Y'all will just have to go and take lots of pictures of yourselves having fun and pick up lots of freebies and comics goodies and send me prezzies and have my share of fun along with your own!

Yes. Tired... I think that I'll spend all of tomorrow in my apartment doing nothing. Yes, that sounds like a good plan!
Newsstand Spider

Hello, my name is Tara, and I'm addicted to action figures.

So... my sister's birthday present? Kinda really renewed my lust for action figures. Seriously. I thought that I had successfully replaced my action figure addiction with the (albeit more expensive) hobby of dollfies and BJDs, but no. Because last night I found myself browsing through Spawn.com and, well, my original addiction was prompted by McFarlane's original Cosmic Angel action figure and it appears that old Todd can still work his magic on me. *sigh*

This is the dragon my sister got me. Look at the cute little baby dragon, just hatched out of its eggie! And big, fierce momma dragon all ready to protect it. *grins* I quite like it.

But now I want this one and this one and this one, too. Because dragons are awesome! These really aren't action figures, I guess. They have maybe one or two points of articulation so they're more like statues. But still, COOL! (Also, I kinda want Elizabeth Bathory, too, because I am a bit of a twisted little girl.)

Those of you who have seen my action figure collection know that I seriously don't need any more. But! Coolness!