July 2nd, 2006

kisses in the dark from an angel

ramble like a bramble on fire

*squints at self* I... I can't believe I just spent the last hour reading about McCarthyism, the Medieval Inquisition, and various and sundry heretics and schimatics and how the Catholic Church dealt with them. (I got there from reading about the Civil War ideas of Mr. Fantastic over in Marvel Comics continuity.) Dude. Wikipedia is cool (and Uncyclopedia is crack).

I spent yesterday reading Harry Potter fic. (Do you know about my recs journal, spacedoc?)

Heyla, inkwraith, you're a fan of George R.R. Martin, yes? Do you know about the comic? It takes place before the main action of the books, but it looks interesting.

Speaking of comics, there is much woe in my heart that I will be missing Comic Con this year. My mum sent me the latest Comic-Con Update mailing and it is like torture reading through it. *le sigh* So. silensy, I have a mission for you this year: Find me the latest volume of Owly (Owly: Flying Lessons) and this year's Owly comic for Free Comic Book Day (Owly: Breakin' the Ice). Signed would be fabulous, but not absolutely necessary. (And then ship them to me.)

Woe, woe to all of the wonderful comicses and all the beautiful freebies and stuff that I shall miss, woe! And not getting to hang out with my friends. Ah well, I'll survive.

So... I am kind of seriously considering cutting all of my hair off. I'm thinking a real boyishly short do. Right now, my hair is fucking LONG and it sheds everywhere and clogs of hair in the sink and vacuum are gross. However, I have had long hair for a really long time and my "look" and how I think of myself is with long hair. *shrugs* Opinions? (See the picture in the previous post to understand the length of my hair.)

Okay, now I must depart for Kobe and fun times with Jenny. See ya!