July 25th, 2006

Newsstand Spider

To the Moon, Alice!

*stuffs fist in mouth* OMG, watching Star Trek bloopers on YouTube at 1am in an apartment with paperthin walls (my neighbor is tossing and turning in his/her/its sleep, I can hear it) is probably not a good idea. *tries to contain giggles*

Speaking of glorious, glorious Star Trek, I have moved on from LotR back to the good old Star Trek books. You know, the old skool original ST books, original series? GLORIOUSLY HOMOEROTIC. Seriously, these chicks? Totally knew how to bring the subtext to the field. I mean, when a D/s relationship between Spock and Kirk is JUST THAT OBVIOUS to me, you gotta take it as canon. Published!

God I love Star Trek! (Why do I still have no Star Trek icon? *puzzled*)

Speaking of Star Trek... Look!!! Star Trek XI, coming to theaters in 2008! With... um, Matt Damon as Captain James T. Kirk...? *squints* Wait, does that mean that Ben Affectless is going to be Spock? Let us hope not. Anyway, I am not filled with despair, because, dude, it's STAR TREK and nothing can possibly make it more cheesy and geektastic than it already is, but... I have doubt. We shall see.

In other nerderific news, Look! Babylon 5 is making a stunning comeback! Yes, please JMS, PLEASE, back away from the Marvel Universe and go back to playing in your own sandbox. Okay, that's a bit harsh, I don't actually dislike his comics (rather fancied Rising Stars actually *pointed stare*), but he has this sparkle when he's writing his own, original characters that he just doesn't have when writing, for example, Spider-Man.

*sighs* Damn, I hate that X-Men III doesn't come out for several more weeks. /geek

ETA: Okay, I totally lied about the "/geek" thing. Picard Techno!!! *giggles*