October 13th, 2006

Ailani - perfect little angel

Hugs Are Made For Two... (a Twitchy Wings Production)

It was pointed out to me (thanks inkwraith) that I should, perhaps, post a link to my new doll vid here. So, there it is.

I'm proud of this one, although I do think it could be so much better if I actually, you know, knew what I was doing. I wonder if there are any vidders on my friend's list who wouldn't mind taking a moment to give it a quick critique for me? jmtorres? Anyone?

So, anyway, this is the first vid where I actually chose the music first and then constructed the vid around the lyrics of the song, rather than going for the "silent movie effect" of having background music to a narrative story. This vid is not a story. It is, however, cute. Very cute.