December 18th, 2006

candy is bad for you

2 more days of work before my vacation!!!

Cold cold cold cold COLD, OMG, it's COLD. Well, like, I'm sure there are many millions of people in colder places than I am... I mean, it's not even snowing here (yet), but DAMN, it's COLD. *whimpers* (My excuse is that I'm from SoCal and not used to temperatures like this.)

*stamps feet*

I talked to mum and Mark briefly Sunday morning, then I went to play dolls. Dolling with withinity yesterday was nifty keen! She made a post about it, go look. We drank pink Hello Kitty soda and ate tasty cake substances! Yum. Also, Divya got to be a fashion model, Ellette got re-strung, and Ailani got to be the Angel of Death (pics to come). Today I took even MORE doll photos and talked to silensy and mechamel on GoogleChat, and then I went to Kobe. I met up with Jenny and Alex and we had dinner at a Hawaiian place and then we went to see the spectacle of Luminarie. Um. Yes. Christmas lights. Anyway, afterwards we went to a pub and there was more beer (I had some at the Hawaiian place, too) and I tried Mini Guinness shots (they were possibly called Irish Car Bombs, but maybe not), which are tasty. And so cute! I was seduced by the doll-sizedness of them! However, powerfully alchoholic. And Jenny made the bartender make Alex the ultimate girly drink of emasculatingness, which was really tasty, actually, and is now going on the menu as Alex's Namby Pamby drink. There was spinyness. But! I was good and managed to catch the last train home, which was WAY crowded. Why are all of these people out so late on a Monday night, I mean, seriously?

I'm cold.

However, something that warms me up is the wonderful letters from friends that I've received recently! I got a letter from Breeann and one from my grandma and a spiffytastic Christmas card from starkiller and I got two letters from ohani! YAY!!! They all rock!

OMG, only a few more days until vacation and silensy's arrival!!! SO MANY AWESOMECAKES!!!

(Awesome comes in cakes, by the way, just like woe comes in biscuits.)
Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Dead

AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! (Dolls are scary.)

Bwahahahah! Okay, here are some creepy images of Griffon being himself, Patience being strung on Pearl's body, and Ellette being dismembered (with special guest appearance by Ailani as the Angel of Death).

Collapse )

*giggles helplessly* It was a pain in the ass to string Ellette again (thank you SO MUCH, withinity) but it's totally worth it for these pics (and her new tension that allows her to pose again, of course).