December 28th, 2010

Molly - Thinking Dirty Thoughts

Request for Help with Sherlock Recs for Crack_van

Hello, friendslist! I sure do hope some of you, at least, have read and enjoyed some Sherlock fanfiction, because I need your help!

First off, there was a story where John was Sherlock's childhood bunny. I have searched, but I cannot find it and that makes me sad. I want to rec it.

Second, there was another story where John visited a secret garden in his dreams and child!Sherlock was there but it was real for them both, just out of time. I think the premise was based on a book. I'd like to rec that one, too, but again, I can't find it.

Now, for the BIG problem... coming up this Friday is the crack_van day for reccing fanvids. My problem? HOW CAN I CHOOSE JUST ONE, OMG!?!?!?

Uh, don't look under this cut if you haven't seen the show, and there are massive major spoilers of doom.
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No really, I need help choosing. Can't I just recommend them all? *bites nails*